Umm, I tried to call but…

It’s a really simple thing, but I am never ceased to be amazed at how often business websites hide a contact phone number from potential customers.

Why? My theory is a simple one; it hasn’t been thought through. Yep, plain old thoughtlessness!

For me it boils down to a simple proposition. Do you want people to do business with you? Yes: then make it easy for them to get in touch!
No: why bother with a business website at all? Go away!

Ok, I know it sometimes messes with the asthetics of a site. It might look nicer without the number in plain view, but get over it! How many sales have you lost as a result of being easy to contact verses being hard to contact? “I was going ot engage you guys but gee your site just sucked with that phone number being like so easy to find! So…” Yeah right!

Pro tip: put your number on every page. If you can, have it highlighted near the top of the page. But for Pete’s sake don’t hide it away!

Oh, by the way you can call us on +61 3 9374 2992, or you can follow us on Twitter – @essCreative, or call in at 180a Keilor Road Essendon North, Melbourne, Australia, and we’re on Facebook –, …

Ok, I think you get it.