Keep your Domain details updated!

How often do you give thought to your company domain name? If you’re like most people you register your domain name and forget all about it and rely on receiving automated reminders to renew when the time comes. Given that your domain is central to your online presence this probably isn’t a great idea.

Every bit of marketing, from your business card to that billboard ad you just forked out for, is attached to your domain name. You know, “visit our website at:”. What would happen if it expired and you lost your domain? Can’t bear to think about it? Well it’s probably worth giving it a little thought once in a while.

Here’s a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Who is your registrar?
  • When is your domain due for renewal?
  • Are your domain contact details up to date?

Who is Your Registrar?

If you don’t know, find out now! Remember, we are talking about the domain registrar here, not your hosting company. You need to know who to talk to if things go wrong – like your domain name expired for example!

When is your domain due for renewal?

Knowing when your domain is due for renewal means you can keep an eye out for renewal notices and start asking questions if they don’t arrive. Make a diary note 30 days out and start asking questions immediately if you haven’t seen a renewal notice.

Are your domain contact details up to date?

Probably the main reason people miss their domain renewal is that the domain contacts are out of date. That email address you used 2 years ago when you first setup your domain is no longer in use. If the email address is not current, you won’t get your renewal notices!

Don’t rely on someone else to control your domain name. Take control now, and make sure you are ready when the times comes to renew!