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Williams Cabinets Bayswater

Williams Cabinets Bayswater

Customer Brag Book: Williams Cabinets, Bayswater Category: Small Business Online Marketing ClientIndustry: Kitchen Designs & Renovations My job is pretty cool! I work with a diverse range of clients and get involved in their business, and working towards their success. I also get to learn a lot about a bunch of different businesses. In this case my…

Writing Blog Content | Essendon Creative

Writing Blog Content for Small Business – A Simple Tip

Writing Blog Content for a Small Business Writing blog content as part of your marketing strategy is a great idea. Everyone says so, right? Well, it’s hard to argue, blogging is a great strategy, even for a small business. But, it’s important to focus on writing blog content that is relevant to your customers. After…

Focused Online Marketing Ideas For Small Business

I’m not a believer in magic bullets when it comes to getting your business noticed online, or offline for that matter. Even if there was a magic bullet , it’d be a bit like the element of surprise; really good once, but what then? But, if push comes to shove, and you really need one…

Mind Mapping – Capture Your Dreams and Put Them to Work!

I wrote an article recently about stepping away from the work and spending a little time each day dreaming about the business you want. You can read that article here if you haven’t already.

Now it’s time to capture your dreams and put them to work!

Stop Working and Start Dreaming – It’s Good For Business!

The first, and perhaps most important tip I’d like to share with you in getting your marketing in order may at first glance appear to have nothing to do with marketing at all. But without it the rest is so much harder! And besides, it’s just a great tip for life in general!

Moonee Valley Relay For Life 2013

Every year Essendon Creative enter a team in the Moonee Valley Relay For Life,  a fundraising initiative of the Cancer Council of Victoria. We raise funds that go towards education, awareness, support and research of cancer. This year’s Relay is on the 22nd and 23rd March at the Aberfeldie Athletics Track. Each year we ask our…

Get Organised with Workflowy!

You really should have a look at this if you need to get your to-do lists under control: I have a tendency to try every new techy, gadgety thing that comes along. Love the shiny stuff! I am a geek after all. But this doesn’t quite fall into the shiny things category, it’s too…

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We hope you’ll find some interesting and useful articles on this site over time. We’ve been working hard to bring you content that can help you make the most of your online presence.

We took time out from writing articles over the last few months, to really think about what direction we’d like to take, and to define the type of content we want to bring you. Having done that, we’re back with a vengeance!

Hit The Target

Take Aim!

Tip #2 for growing your business online is defining your target market, your audience. When discussing this with people over the years I have found that most people give little thought to their ideal customer. It’s not uncommon to hear comments such as “anyone with a pulse”.    

Set Your Goals

 Tip #1 for growing your business through online media is to set your goals! This may sound obvious, but it is probably the most overlooked aspect of getting success online. In simple terms we want to define the primary purpose of each medium first and then define any secondary purposes or goals, etc. For example:…