Moonee Valley Relay For Life


From 6:00pm Friday Feb 17th 2012
To: 6:00pm Saturday Feb 18th 2012

Where: Aberfeldie Athletics Track, Aberfeldie Park, Aberfeldie

Relay For Life is an opportunity to get together with your community to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost and fight back against cancer. Each team has a at least one walker on the track for a 24 hour period, hence the ‘relay’.

This year Essendon Creative will be taking to the track again as a team in the Moonee Valley relay For Life. Last year was our first year as a team after walking for the previous two years with our good friends Pennisi Real Estate. We had a great time, had 90 walkers join us on the track and raised over $7000!

For us it’s personal. Our family, like so many, has been touched by cancer many times. Three years ago it hit us in a profound way. The details don’t matter, the simple fact is we live with the spectre of cancer and it’s effects everyday. It’s a life changer! We want to make a difference and so we put together our own relay team, and we’d love you to help. Here’s how:

1) Join us! There’s no limit to the number of walkers that can join our team. The more the merrier. It’s easy – just a stroll really. All we ask is 30 minutes of your time, at a time of your chooing during the 24 hours.

How? Online registrations are now closed so get in touch with me and I’ll get you a registration form. Simple!

2) Sponsor us! The walk raises money for cancer research. Your donation could help fund the breakthrough. Wouldn’t that would be nice!

How? The easiest way is to follow this link and click the donate button!

Sponsorship will remain open for about a month after the event.

So why not get on-board and help us celebrate life, remember loved ones lost and fight back! I hope to see you on the track.