Get your Domain Name secured early in the process!

We were recently engaged to design a new logo and tag line for a company that had registered a new trading name. It was their plan to make the new name central to their marketing strategy. They loved the new brand and all was going swimmingly until they went to register the domain name.

You guessed it, it was already being used by aother company! This has left the client in a quandry. They’ve got their heart set on the new brand but cannot use it with the domain name they want. Do they scrap the whole thing and start again, or live with a domain name variation that is close?

In hindsight it would have been a simple thing for the client to check the availability of the domain name before starting the branding process. By the time they came to us they had already developed a branding strategy around the name. Perhaps we should have checked as well, but that was not our brief. Still, we’ve made a note for future reference to do it for all customers requiring logo design, or at least to ask them if they have secured their domain name of choice. So remember to secure your domain name as early in the process as possible. It will save money, time and disappointment!