Get Organised with Workflowy!

workflowyYou really should have a look at this if you need to get your to-do lists under control:

I have a tendency to try every new techy, gadgety thing that comes along. Love the shiny stuff! I am a geek after all. But this doesn’t quite fall into the shiny things category, it’s too simple for that. And that’s why it’s effective!

Workflowy is a really simple online to-do list app. It’s also available as an iphone app and has mobile layouts for other smartphones.  It’s genius is in it focus. It has one aim – to help you organise your brain. And it does it very well with a clean simple interface that doesn’t distract you from the goal. That’s good design!

It’s easy to use, and the developers have included a short video to get you started. After that it’s all up to you!



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