Relay For Life – a quick wrap up

A massive thank you to everyone on the team for your efforts on the track and raising donations. Nadia and I are so appreciative of the time and energy you have all given to this great cause!

There have been some fantastic individual efforts, from walkers putting in several hours on the track during the night and the heat of the day, to those looking after the tent while I snuck in some shuteye during the early hours, to incredible efforts in raising money, to helping set up and pack up, and generally just being enthusiastic about being involved. The size of the contribution isn’t what counts, it’s the fact that you contribute. We do it as a team and we can’t do it without you!

This was our second year as a team and we continue to learn through the process. There will be some changes next year, and we hope you will all get involved again and continue to grow our team into something even bigger and better!

Some results to date:
Walkers: 53 registered on the site, however, with many registering on either Friday or Saturday at the event the actual result is closer to 65 that hit the track. We had a group of 8 walkers that got stranded when their bus broke down, so in reality we had over 70 walkers on the team. Let’s break the 100 barrier next year!

Donations: currently showing just shy of $4000 on the site, however, I have some cash donations that push that number to about $4100.00. A great effort!

Having said that, donations can still be accepted online for about the next four weeks so if you know anyone that wants to donate there’s still time to get to our goal of $5000!

And of course we can all start working on next year – have some sleep first though!

Cancer can leave us feeling isolated and powerless, fragile and scared. Your participation is living proof that there are many out there willing to help ease the pain and provide the strength, comfort and community required to relegate this disease to the annals of history!

Thank you again,
David and Nadia

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